TA Jewelers is a family-owned and operated jewelry store collaboration in Los Angeles, Chinatown since 1988. We operate three show rooms in the LA Chinatown neighborhood. We specialize in high-end custom made jewelry – from diamond engagement rings to 24k yellow gold chains. The family that operates Ta Jewelers has kept the tradition of maintaining all operations and custom jewelry work in-house from start to finish.

“Nice little family run establishment, never had any problems on their service. They are always willing to spend the extra time to listen to details on question or concern regarding their product and merchandise, before making an important purchase. We always come look and buy jewelry here. Great customer service and satisfaction.”Sam C., from Yelp, on JAJ & Associates, Inc.

We use the latest technology in the jewelry market. From CAD/CAM to laser welding and laser engraving, we’re able to produce precise and excellent quality work. We take satisfaction in our competitive pricing and quality craftsmanship - they speak for themselves. We consistently improve on our quality craftsmanship by understanding, defining, and controlling the sequence of discrete processes necessary to consistently produce quality jewelry pieces. Every failure is evaluated with respect to its root causes and the knowledge gained through this evaluation is integrated into improved processes and controls.

JAJ & Associates, Inc.

818 N Broadway #112
Los Angeles, CA 90012

The Goldsmith LA

818 N Broadway #111A
Los Angeles, CA 90012

Pleasantry Jewelers

818 N Broadway #212
Los Angeles, CA 90012

Matthew The Jeweler

818 N Broadway #211
Los Angeles, CA 90012

Ta Jewelers

818 N Broadway #111B
Los Angeles, CA 90012